Why I became a home inspector!

I have been a builder for almost three decades.  My whole professional life has been centered in my commitment to delivering a quality product and excellent service to my clients.  And, I began to realize that too many individuals who were providing inspections for my clients that had purchased homes from me did not share this same dedication to quality.  These inspectors had little or no experience about construction and basically lacked any real qualifications to perform these inspections and provide the homeowner with the fair and accurate inspection report that they paid for, deserve and need. I believe and recognize that there are certainly some qualified inspectors out there but it is not always easy to pick them out of the crowd.   You need to do a lot of homework to find them.

I take great pride in my hard-earned reputation for excellence, which comes from both my education and decades of construction experience and my relationship with my clients. I became a Home Inspector because I knew that I could bring this same level of professional excellence to home inspections.    Our inspection services offer both the experience and the necessary qualifications to a service that I saw was lacking in these areas.



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