Coincidence or Validation?

Shortly after my first post I received a call from a close friend who was is the process of selling their home and recently had gone through the Home Inspection process on behalf of the buyer. My friend was diligently attempting to address and resolve the issues that were discovered during the inspection. However, the inspection report was vague, at best, as to clearly identify items in need of attention. Out of complete frustration my friend was able to get approval to contact the inspector directly, since the inspector represented the buyer, to try to get a better grasp on some of the issues. Needless to say this interaction did not go well. Basically the response of the inspector was 1- you’re not my client  2- It’s not my job to tell you the location of the deficiency  3-  I’m not a photographer.  Okay I get the “not my client” part but after the buyer , who paid the inspector,  gave the seller permission to obtain some information he should have been more than willing to help the process along. This inspector indicated that 2 roof shingles were missing, doesn’t it make sense that it would be helpful to know where (maybe a picture) the shingles were missing? But no- this inspector expected the seller to find them himself (see comment # 2& 3 above).  This brings me to my point that having this conversation with my friend shortly after my first post validates why I became a Home Inspector in the first place. Remember that there are a lot of “Home Inspectors” out there but only a handful are truly qualified

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