My house is less than a year old, why would I need an inspection?


This is a legitimate question and actually makes sense. “I live in a brand new house, why should I incur the cost of a Home Inspection if my home is under warranty? “ Most homes today are constructed at a furious pace from start to finish- getting it closed and moving on to the next. This is not an indictment on homebuilders; it is just the reality of the industry. Just like the builders, buyers are busy too. It is not uncommon for the builder and the buyer alike to “miss” items that should be corrected or addressed. By the time these issues are discovered a buyer may potentially be out of warranty and may not have any recourse. Additionally, few, if any, buyers ever take the time to read- let alone understand what their warranty actually covers and what items are their responsibility. I believe the investment of a One Year Warranty Inspection is well worth the cost. Our intent is to find nothing wrong- but what if there is one item that needs attention and potentially could have cost you substantially more than the inspection had you not known about it until it failed? Reputable builders should have no problem with a third party opinion and be more than willing to correct any deficiencies that fall within their warranty guidelines as well as an opportunity to show off their work. Although a one year inspection will not guarantee the items will be corrected by your builder’s warranty at least you will know where you stand as well as the character of your builder.


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