“Give it to me straight, just how bad is it?”

“How bad is it?” This is the one question that clients almost always ask after I complete a home inspection for them. “It’s neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’,” I reply.

Most anxious clients have the expectation that there will be problems or issues with a home. Although the home inspector will note and comment on issues/problems found during the inspection, the intent of the inspection is to give a professional evaluation of a home’s condition at a given point in time.

I prefer not to go into details with a client until I have had the opportunity to review my findings and prepare the Inspection report for them.  Often times, items that I discover may require further investigation on my part before they go into the report.  I don’t want to worry a buyer if it turns out not to be an issue.  Or the item may be something out of my expertise and requires a specific trade expert to evaluate further.

This is also a good case in point for homebuyers to accompany their inspector during the inspection.  That way they can see any issues that may be hard to understand by simply viewing the pictures or description in the report.  It is also a good lesson to where all your crucial elements in the house are located.

Give your Inspector the time to accurately investigate and report his or her findings to you via the Inspection Report.  This will save you some stress and worry!

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