Pre-Listing Inspections – A Good Idea!!


Realtors are often skeptical to recommend that a home seller get a Pre-Listing Home Inspection because they are nervous as to what will be found and will need to be put in a disclosure statement.  The mind set that if something is not a known defect by the seller it does not need to be disclosed and thus makes the property more marketable is the concern.


However, consider the fact that the buyer will bring in their own inspector after the home is under contract.  If that inspector finds an item the seller was unaware of, that leaves a surprise glitch in the deal, sometimes emergency and costly repairs to get the deal to close, as well as the stress to complete all the items in a quick manner to satisfy the buyer.


When a seller gets their own home inspection they can nip any unforeseen items in the bud, and repair them in a more efficient manner, if needed and also have that report and completed items invoices and follow ups available for any potential buyer to see that the repairs were done. No surprises at the finish line, less stress and a professional approach to a sale.


The inspection cost to the seller is more than worth their time, effort and peace of mind in the long run.  And by having a Home Inspector come through, the seller can see exactly what a buyers inspector will be looking at, and evaluating.  Little things that are often overlooked, but can signal an inspector that there are bigger issues such as windows and doors not operating properly, light bulbs burned out, or outlets not working, which may mean electrical issues, dirty furnaces and furnace filters, mechanical system items, and many typical code and safety concerns that may be easily rectified, but may cause a potential buyer to choose another property.  These issues can be added to the sellers’ disclosure in the listing agreement and save the seller and agent headaches after the sale.


So even though a Pre-Listing Inspection may bring up issues that you would not have disclosed because they were unknown to you, it will save you time and money and a potential sale in the long run, not to mention your sanity as the closing and inspection deadline approach. Keep in mind, the Pre-Listing Inspection is as of a certain time, any issues that arise after that are subject to the buyers’ inspector’s discovery.  And there is no 100% guarantee that your inspector will find every issue but the major ones at the very least should be covered.  No surprises… just peace of mind.



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