We inspect homes, not houses

One might think that being in the home inspection business we get to see all kinds of interesting things. While this is true, we also get to see inside the houses that people call home.
Home vs. house, what is the difference? They’re both physical structures with elements requiring our expert opinions. However, the house IS someone’s home and WILL POTENTIALLY BE our client’s new home.

We did an inspection months ago and the sellers were home during the inspection. Normally we think of this as an inconvenience of sorts, because often times that makes our buyers uncomfortable if they are with us on the inspection, or the seller follows us around and is a bit of a distraction for the process, adding time to the inspection. In this case we did not mind. The sellers had a family member who was just returning from the hospital. This family member was bed-ridden and very ill. There were actually nurses, doctors and the family present at the house during the inspection. Again, although it made our job a little more awkward and difficult, we did not mind.
As we inspected this home, we discovered all the important things that made this family who they were, their love for each other, and their physically challenging lifestyle. We still reported all of our findings, as we always do, but our attitudes when we left the home were different.
This house was a home full of love and memories. All of the pictures were still up on the walls, and the furniture was not staged. If we could add a tab on our reports titled “Happy Home” we would have done it there.

Our buyers ultimately did not purchase this home, for reasons unrelated to our report. But they too expressed the joy in that house that led them to want to purchase it in the first place. Respecting other’s homes during our inspections is one of our priorities. It is crucial to remember what is important in life, and this inspection brought that full circle to us that day.

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