We inspect homes, not houses

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One might think that being in the home inspection business we get to see all kinds of interesting things. While this is true, we also get to see inside the houses that people call home. Home vs. house, what is the difference? They’re both physical structures with elements requiring our expert opinions. However, the house IS someone’s home and WILL POTENTIALLY BE our client’s new home. We did an inspection months ago and the sellers were home during the inspection. Normally we think of this as an inconvenience of sorts, because often...

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Pre-Listing Inspections – A Good Idea!!

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  Realtors are often skeptical to recommend that a home seller get a Pre-Listing Home Inspection because they are nervous as to what will be found and will need to be put in a disclosure statement.  The mind set that if something is not a known defect by the seller it does not need to be disclosed and thus makes the property more marketable is the concern.   However, consider the fact that the buyer will bring in their own inspector after the home is under contract.  If that inspector finds an item the seller was unaware of, that...

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“Give it to me straight, just how bad is it?”

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“How bad is it?” This is the one question that clients almost always ask after I complete a home inspection for them. “It’s neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’,” I reply. Most anxious clients have the expectation that there will be problems or issues with a home. Although the home inspector will note and comment on issues/problems found during the inspection, the intent of the inspection is to give a professional evaluation of a home’s condition at a given point in time. I prefer not to go into details with a client until I have had...

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My house is less than a year old, why would I need an inspection?

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  This is a legitimate question and actually makes sense. “I live in a brand new house, why should I incur the cost of a Home Inspection if my home is under warranty? “ Most homes today are constructed at a furious pace from start to finish- getting it closed and moving on to the next. This is not an indictment on homebuilders; it is just the reality of the industry. Just like the builders, buyers are busy too. It is not uncommon for the builder and the buyer alike to “miss” items that should be corrected or addressed. By the time...

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Coincidence or Validation?

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Shortly after my first post I received a call from a close friend who was is the process of selling their home and recently had gone through the Home Inspection process on behalf of the buyer. My friend was diligently attempting to address and resolve the issues that were discovered during the inspection. However, the inspection report was vague, at best, as to clearly identify items in need of attention. Out of complete frustration my friend was able to get approval to contact the inspector directly, since the inspector represented the buyer,...

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Why I became a home inspector!

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I have been a builder for almost three decades.  My whole professional life has been centered in my commitment to delivering a quality product and excellent service to my clients.  And, I began to realize that too many individuals who were providing inspections for my clients that had purchased homes from me did not share this same dedication to quality.  These inspectors had little or no experience about construction and basically lacked any real qualifications to perform these inspections and provide the homeowner with the fair and...

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